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A comprehensive dental exam and cleaning are recommended twice-yearly for children and adults.


Composite Fillings, Inlays/Onlays, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Bridges, and Crowns


The timing for orthodontic treatment varies between patients. Dr. Owens likes to begin orthodontic treatment around the ages of eleven to thirteen.


Retainers, Removable Space Maintainers, Night Guards, and Tongue Thrust Dental Guards are available.


Some children require the use of sedation in order to make their office experience more comfortable and pleasant for them.


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What our patients say

We have been going to Dr. Owens’ office since our oldest daughters first dental visit, she’s now eighteen. Our younger daughter and son have been seeing Dr. Owens since their first visits as well. All three ask when it’s cleaning time and have never complained about going to the dentist, that warms this mom’s heart. We highly recommend Dr. James & Dr. Sam!

Best pediatric dentist we have ever been too! The entire office staff is so sweet! The dentist is GREAT with the kids! My 7 year old was TERRIFIED of going to the dentist. Since we started going to Dr. Owens he LOVES going!

Dr. Owens and his staff have always been very caring to my daughters. Whether it is a cleaning or braces, they provide excellent service.

I have been bringing my kids here for a year now. Today I took my son in to have 4 teeth pulled. Dr Sam did an AMAZING job! I will continue recommending Dr James Owens and Dr Sam to all our friends!

I have gone here since I was a little girl… and now I am 23 and my two sons go here! I will never go anywhere else! I love Dr. Owens!!!!!

Best dentist ever!!!! I have taken my two boys to Dr Owens since they were 2 and 3, and they LOVE going to the dentist! Wouldn’t take them anywhere else!

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Proper dental care involves a number of different procedures and methods that ensure an overall protection of the teeth from damage and decay. Each of these procedures is equally important, and must be followed regularly in order to ensure great dental health and the perfect teeth. So, when you are looking for a broken arrow dentist or broken arrow pediatric dentist ok, you must ensure that these dental care services are available so that you can get all your dental care solutions under a single roof.

Now, let us take a look at some of these important dental care services and find out how important they are for proper dental health.

Preventive Dental Procedures

Preventive dental procedures, also known as Preventive Dentistry, include certain practices to ensure that your teeth are healthy and devoid of any damage or decay at all times. These practices are aimed at preventing such damage causing occurrences in your teeth by ensuring that your teeth are cleaned at regular intervals. You may think that brushing your teeth daily or even twice a day must be adequate in maintaining a good dental health. However, that is definitely not enough. There are a number of different preventive dentistry procedures that you must obtain in order to ensure that your teeth are healthy at all times. These procedures will also ensure that you do not develop any cavities or decay in your teeth at any point in time.  Preventative is especially important for pediatric patients.

Restorative Dental Procedures

Preventive dentistry is essential to ensure that you can avoid any health issue for your teeth, but what if you already have such an issue that needs to be taken care of? Well, restorative dental procedures, also known as Restorative Dentistry, are a great way to ensure that. Whether it be fillings, or bridges and crowns and even full-mouth reconstruction, these procedures are great to restore the health of your teeth to its prime. These restorative procedures get rid of the many health issues of your teeth by removing the causing factors and repairing the damage that have already been done. So, if you are looking to cure tooth decay or have your teeth reconfigured or rearranged, these procedures can help you greatly.

Orthodontic Dental Procedures

Orthodontic dental procedures are better known as the use of braces to properly align a set of teeth. There can be many reasons behind the misalignment of your teeth, but the use of these orthodontic procedures can help you resolve that and ensure that you have a perfectly aligned set of teeth. The procedure is fairly delicate and requires a highly professional and expert dentist in order to ensure that they are done properly. This will also ensure that the alignment of your teeth is done without causing any other dental issues for your teeth. After all, you cannot afford any compromise with your dental health.

Sedative Dental Procedures

Sedative dental procedures, also known as Sedation Dentistry, are more common among children than adults. Dental procedures can often be very painful, and in some cases, the pain lasts for quite a number of days. Now, adults may be able to bear the pain (while there are few adults who prefer the sedative procedures), but the pain is often considered to be excessive for children. This is the reason why sedative dental procedures are important for children so that they are not able to feel the full extent of their pain due to the sedation. The sedation is often continued for a number of days after the procedures as well depending on the extent of pain experienced by the child.

Apart from these important dental services, there are often the need to get certain accessories and devices for proper dental care. There are a number of different items that are critically important for you to maintain proper dental health apart from a toothbrush, paste and dental floss. You must ensure that you get them from a proper dental clinic in order to get the best quality accessories for your dental care. These accessories and appliances will not only help you to prevent any damage or decay to your teeth, but will also help you to counter certain damages that you may find on your teeth. However, it is important for you to consult a dentist on a regular basis to find out the best methods to ensure perfect dental care for you.

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